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How to care for a cesarean scar

The percentage of cesarean sections at this moment (2017) is 43%. No matter what the reasons are, we must not forget that a Caesarean section is a major surgery, and the scar after a Caesarean section is a souvenir that will stay with us for life. Today I will tell you how to take care of yourself and the scar of the emperor, to ensure the best recovery, fitness and the most beautiful cosmetic effect.

Scar after cesarean section, which is what we see on the skin with the naked eye, is actually the tip of the iceberg. However, despite the fact that this is a trace of a major surgery, proper care can make this scar almost invisible and will not cause your discomfort. I am today 8 weeks after the second delivery, which took place in this way and I will tell you how I took care of myself.

Why is this so important?

Unfortunately, but after leaving the hospital we are usually left alone, we go to the doctor for the first check-up within the recommended period of 6 weeks from delivery, not knowing that we should work with the scar much earlier - if the doctor will advise you about recovery at all, After the first cesarean section, all my care for the body after surgery focused on a cosmetic defect and self-saving. Now I have consciously taken care of myself completely differently!

1. Wound care after caesarean section

After the surgery, you can expect a dressing on your stomach at a cesarean section, which the midwife will take off after just a few hours, leaving the wound clean and uncovered. You will probably see a thin line on your skin with a few dozen stitches on it. Do not be surprised if there are bruises around the wound and scabs on the wound, this is completely normal, although I admit it was the first such fresh postoperative wound I saw and it was quite shocking for me.

The wound can be soaked with water right away, so as soon as you stand on your own feet, you can take a shower. After each shower, it is good to wipe the wound dry - you can use a paper towel or a fresh cotton towel for this. It is also good to wash the wound daily with your favorite wound disinfectant and not apply any further dressings.

It just so happens that this fresh air is your wound's greatest ally. To ensure its best healing conditions, it is worth wearing high mesh underwear and loose dresses or sleeping shirts from the day of delivery. They will also provide you with the greatest comfort - they will not oppress this delicate and sore area. In the summer, the right outfit is a very easy task, in winter it is worth limiting the wearing of tight or warm clothes at the height of the wound (tights, pants) only for moments away from home. Remember, until the wound is completely healed, do not use preparations for scars.

2. Stitches removal

The midwife usually takes care of removing the stitches. I don't know if you know, but in Poland in the scope of basic health care under the National Health Fund for 8 weeks after delivery (pregnant also) you are entitled to six free home visits of an environmental midwife who should, among others, remove your sutures after delivery. This is an extremely convenient option, thanks to which you do not have to ride your baby around the clinics or private offices or provide him with someone else's care.

Sutures after caesarean section should be removed for 6 hours, then the traces of them will be the least visible. After the first cut, I only took my seams off for 10 hours - I was so afraid of the scar in case of removing them too soon. This time, however, I took them off exactly as the doctor recommended for 6 hours, and as a scar protection I bought special slices that replace the seams, and after removing the seams for several weeks I protected the scar from spreading in this way.

3. Physiotherapy

After the first birth, I had no violet idea about how serious surgery I had and what its effects might be. It only made me aware of the huge back pain that affected me during ordinary, daily care of the child and pain in the scar, when 3 months after giving birth I tried to return to any physical activity and tried to jog around the house or run to the stop.

This time, during pregnancy, I went to a physiotherapist to relieve myself of carrying this "sweet weight" and to prepare myself to recover after delivery. I was covered by the physiotherapist's care until delivery and a few days later I returned to the office. Thanks to the maximally simple exercises, such as learning and practicing transverse stretching of the abdominal muscle or pelvic floor muscles, as well as covering the scar and abdomen with the help of special taupes, pain subsided for me twice as fast as during the first delivery (although many people told me that the second emperor is more difficult), while back pain has not occurred until today. Therefore, if you only have such a possibility, remember that it is extremely worth meeting a physiotherapist after giving birth at least once. It will examine you, and will recommend and show you safe, simple exercises and massages to do at home, thanks to which the pain will pass faster, and your cut abdominal tissues, abdominal muscles, muscle fascia, pelvis and whole body posture will recover.

4. Daily scar care after caesarean section

I remember how I was looking forward to removing the stitches (terribly pulling) and starting scar care. So I was looking for two preparations - one for scars and the other for stretch marks (unfortunately I didn't miss it). I consulted my friends and they all recommended Bio-Oil as a preparation for both scar and stretch marks. I will not pretend - I do not like to spread anything, even using face cream is a necessity for me, not pleasure. That is why I was very happy that I could handle two subjects with one oil and rub. Particularly promising here was the recommendation of one of my friends that Bio-Oil so wonderfully reduced her numerous stretch marks on her stomach that it is difficult to see them today with the naked eye, however the condition set me one: lubrication twice a day for several weeks. I was afraid that the oil used every morning will grease my clothes, but unnecessarily, because after massaging and completely absorbing such a problem does not occur. What's more, when the massage leaves a thin layer of oil on my hands, I also grease it in the cheekbones for discoloration that appeared during pregnancy.

5. Scar massage

Alone, in addition to scars on the skin, I also care for scars under the skin, which, although invisible, also or above all require our attention. So every evening I do the so-called scar mobilization - massage of the superficial as well as deeper abdominal tissues, including the very important muscle fascia, which was taught to me by my physiotherapist. For massage, I also use Bio-Oil, which works great for this purpose, and thus by doing a massage, I have evening oil dripping from my head.

6. Everyday functioning

After giving birth, I tried to take care of how I moved. To get up, I always lie aside, support myself with my hand and only get up. Thanks to this, I do not strain, but protect the rectus abdominis, preventing it from spreading. Over time, I added conscious waking up of the transverse muscle of the abdomen to get up to practice a good habit again. The position during feeding is also very important - I always feed comfortably with the use of a feeding pillow, thanks to which I do not slouch and do not crush my guts, which after delivery do not immediately return to their place.

I have been using Bio-Oil for 6 weeks. What changes have I noticed?

The discoloration on the cheeks began to react to the oil, which has whitened so much that I no longer apply concealer. The next stretch marks began to change - they do not react to the oil all at once, but as if in fragments - many of these tiny fragments are almost completely clear, so that all changes are less visible. Scar after cesarean section also reacts unevenly - although it is still pink, many of its fragments are almost completely bright. And this is only six weeks of use. I can't wait for the effect of the oil in a few weeks. I know that neither the scar nor the stretch marks will disappear completely, but they promise to be discreet.

Seeing how it deals with stretch marks, I will gladly use it also when I burn again, putting the dough in the oven or ironing, as well as scratching or hurting more. The manufacturer also recommends it as effective and safe for scars for children who are 2 years old.

Essential oil composition

Why does Bio-Oil work? The PurCellin Oil component provides him with this light, non-greasy texture, and rosemary, calendula, lavender, thyme, and vitamins A and E prevent visible scars.

If we have known each other for a long time, you know that I value everything that is natural. It's no secret that this oil also contains paraffin, which I am not a fan of, because it is a mineral oil, so when Bio-Oil came to me with a proposal to organize a competition for you, I asked the manufacturer about it.

The manufacturer assured me that it is a pharmaceutical paraffin that accelerates the absorption of ingredients contained in the oil. I also got acquainted with research results conducted by the proDERM Institute in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in applied dermatological tests, saying that "statistically significant result was visible in 66% of participants after only 2 weeks (15th day). After 8 weeks (57th day), 92% of the participants showed improvement, which was almost three times greater than the improvement seen after 2 weeks. Continuous improvement in POSAS was evident throughout the study period ".

Therefore, despite the paraffin in the composition and on the basis of personal recommendations as to the effect of the oil on scars - I decided on it, especially considering the preparations used after the first pregnancy, which did not provide me with the promised effect of lightening stretch marks.

I will add that the oil is vegan, it has not been tested on animals and does not contain preservatives.